Antiquarian maps from The Prime Meridian: atlases, old and rare maps, antique charts, views, elevations, battle plans.

The Prime Meridian

Specialties: Antique maps, atlases and related books (cartography, military mapping).

About The Prime Meridian

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The Prime Meridian: Antique Maps & Books is owned and operated by Joel & Deborah Kovarsky. We first opened in 1998, but have had a decades-old interest in old maps, books, and paper, stemming from a comparable long-standing interest in how knowledge is used. Our business is run by internet and occasional fairs. We do not run an open shop, however we do welcome visitors by appointment only. Before attempting a visit, please contact us (see details via navigation link to left).

Our business name, The Prime Meridian, relates to a line of longitude--running north to south, and separating east and west--intended as the base-line for calculation of time and a major reference point for navigation. Although it is now commonly known as a line of longitude running through Greenwich, England, the location has varied substantially over the centuries of map and chart-making. The Prime Meridian has been placed off the coast of Africa, Paris, London, Washington (D.C.), Philadelphia and other locations. The position of the Prime Meridian has been a source of political controversy over the centuries.

These early maps--some rare, valuable and at times quite expensive--are pieces of history. These maps are more than illustrations in a book, and more than simple way-finding devices. These old, antique maps contain information that is not confined to the visual elements on the page, but also about printing, history, art, politics, exploration, geographical thought, and the world of commerce at the time of production. These early maps can range in price from under $100 to over six-figures, and the diverse map inventory at The Prime Meridian: Antique Maps & Books reflects a wide-range of prices.

The Prime Meridian: Antique Maps & Books is a specialty business, dealing in antiquarian maps and related books (atlases, history of cartography, selected reference books, etc.). We provide an array of focused reference and resource information about map collecting and the history of cartography, intended for the collector and enthusiast. This information is accessible via the navigation bar on the left. Please feel free to contact us for specific inquiries.

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